May 13, 2013

From I DO to I NAME YOU...........I made a christening dress for a baby out of a wedding dress

 This project turned out a little "trickier" than I anticipated.  The bride had a great time at her was a challenge to find a whole piece of fabric larger than a yard that did not have a seem or a stain.
CUT...there is no going back....... 

a lot of sheer material...but again....There is a lot of evidence It was a fun wedding. 

Finally, I am getting somewhere. This is the fun part. Little challenging to cut, the fabric was layered with a satin on bottom and a sheer on top I could not separate it due to seems holding the panels the skirt was divided into.

Bodice..........I decide to layer the satin to get some body :)

 ...saving the lace to add details....

 The whole time I am working on the little dress I am thinking....I cannot poke myself with the needles , that would be a disaster to stain it. The last morning I am working on it I am sewing little buttons on in the back and I do not pay attention that I had poked myself and..wham....a blood stain. Gaaahhhhhh.....But I pull out my best friend and savior. ..Tide stain removal pen and voila.....stain takes a hike.