August 06, 2013

Little ones

Muslin and burlap little satchels. Great to hide lil' gifts in. What are you going to hide?
Satchels can be ordered @ A sweet Life gift store in colerain.

August 01, 2013

Wedding shower lil' gifts

Handmade muslin and Burlap bags with crocheted sunflowers. Why not make your own custom order? 

 Softens the heart @ A Sweet Life

happy stitching

July 23, 2013


no words fun fun
Buy your MINION hat at softens the heart in A sweet life in colerain. Adult size 15 $, kiddy size 12 $. We also custom knit and crochet. More "wintery" minions coming soon.


Serious hat......crocheted

Lil' Butterfly Dress

Knitted in my favorite yarn. COTTON BAM BOO from classic elite 

Stockinette for lower part of the dress. The bodice is knitted with a moss stitch. Size 18-24 mths and the price is 25 $. I am in love with the little butterflies. You can find this dress in Colerain at Softens the heart located in A sweet life a fabulous store. 

July 09, 2013

One for me myself and I

I crocheted this Top with one of my absolute favorite yarns  Cotton Bam Boo from Classic Elite Yarns ...THAT IS NOW DISCONTINUED :(. I got the yarn at my favorite yarn store in Colerain 
SOFTENS THE HEART and while I was shopping for yarn I bought 2+....(secret amount) delish cupcakes from A SWEET LIFE. So this top is just plain a favorite.

July 02, 2013


For my friend...... a top

a classic elite pattern. I used Classic elite Soft Linen. I got the yarn at SOFTENS THE HEART in 
A SWEET LIFE store in Colerain. Crocheted up fabulous. I just love how the top drapes.

June 20, 2013

Summer project is done

Crocheted summer treat.

Pattern Is Classic Elite . SURF'S UP. Pattern calls for CEY Firefly but I used Vail 6416 Parchment. Worked great. Sweater is very light.
This pattern was a lot of fun...well...the mesh part was not THAT fun, but it was quick. Finishing was easier than I first thought.

Organize Organize

Purse organizer and earring bag is 2 fun an quick projects for a rainy afternoon

May 13, 2013

From I DO to I NAME YOU...........I made a christening dress for a baby out of a wedding dress

 This project turned out a little "trickier" than I anticipated.  The bride had a great time at her was a challenge to find a whole piece of fabric larger than a yard that did not have a seem or a stain.
CUT...there is no going back....... 

a lot of sheer material...but again....There is a lot of evidence It was a fun wedding. 

Finally, I am getting somewhere. This is the fun part. Little challenging to cut, the fabric was layered with a satin on bottom and a sheer on top I could not separate it due to seems holding the panels the skirt was divided into.

Bodice..........I decide to layer the satin to get some body :)

 ...saving the lace to add details....

 The whole time I am working on the little dress I am thinking....I cannot poke myself with the needles , that would be a disaster to stain it. The last morning I am working on it I am sewing little buttons on in the back and I do not pay attention that I had poked myself and..wham....a blood stain. Gaaahhhhhh.....But I pull out my best friend and savior. ..Tide stain removal pen and voila.....stain takes a hike.

April 05, 2013

April 03, 2013

This morning

After enjoying a cup of coffe I took the dogs ...yes all three of them.... for a walk. 

I usually just take one at the time, it is easier that way. When they go all three they think they are all THAT. 

They pull and they bark at every poor pooch we pass. Anyway they behaved over expectation today and it is a beautiful morning. 

the sun is out shining bright and I take that any day. Before our walk we........miss Libby and I.....finished a tote. We used a super cool upholstery fabric. New York New York.

                                                                                                                                           ...lots and lots of pockets

March 29, 2013


Bought the fabric months ago, just loved it but had no Idea what to do with it. Spring came along and....Of course...... I need a black and white bag??
Well, anyway, here it is and I managed to do one thing I have not done before I TWISTED THE HANDLE. Gah!!!!There is no do-over this time I will just live with a twisted handle. It will probably drive me crazy but there are little pills for that right?

March 25, 2013

a Snow day.....

 The snow is falling. My friend does not appreciate is as much as I do. He does not do crafts and that's why.
You can never have to many KISSES.
....or totes/diaper bags

This adorable lil' Owl "kiddy" purse I found here at Mama G's Crafty blog. I loved making it. A fun, fast project where I used a miniscule part of my mountains of scrap yarn.  I am filling it with candy and giving it to a little friend for easter.

March 17, 2013

a regular Saturday.....

Kinda lazy and cozy. Today I decided that I will work on remembering the names and qualities of the yarns I use.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow.....lets see what happens.

...of course :) there are chocolate kisses inside the crocheted kisses. Easter gift?